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Wheels of Arabia was founded based on a vision of providing customers with the experience of a lifetime on two wheels. The products sold range from motorbikes, accessories, merchandise and service offerings, providing customers with a one-stop-shop for all the requirements. We currently represent some of the best brands available, including Aprilia, Vespa, Motoguzzi, Piaggio and Gilera among others and operate in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. Come visit us for details on your ride of a lifetime!

To establish alternative means of transport and environment friendly designs as the wheels of next generation in Middle East.

To strive and introduce practical and innovative transportation concepts coupled with hard working after-sales services to maximize joy of transportation.

Segway, the first offering from us, introduced GCC to an art of transportation that internalized science of ‘simple movement’. The product, is acclaimed internationally for facilitating productivity, time and stress management in large factories, malls, event venues, security patrolling apart from increasing joy of staying in sub-urban surroundings, away from commercial hub.