Piaggio X10 350 Executive


X10 350 Executive

The innovative 350 4-valve injected engine combines performance with fuel economy of up to 82mpg. For further fuel economy there is an ECO button located on the handlebar – by switching to ECO, fuel consumption is reduced by 4% to 5%. The 350cc engine offers a perfect balance between the performance of a 400 and the running costs of a 300. It features state of the art technological solutions: dry sump lubrication, multi-plate free-wheel wet clutch and two different user-selectable engine management maps. The suspension system uses shock absorbers with extra-long travel and is conceived to combine maximum comfort with riding pleasure.

Superlative levels of finish express Piaggio technology and design, making the X10 a genuine status symbol: the elegant satin finish chrome details running the length of the flank are echoed in elements with the same attractive finish on the leg shield back plate and on the sophisticated handlebar. The high quality materials and elegant stitching of the saddle exude luxury and comfort. X10 boasts the most advanced lighting system on a scooter. At the front is a triple headlamp, with two complex surface reflectors for the low beam lights; this is coupled with a poly-elliptical central high beam light flanked by an elegant LED strip daytime running light, for illuminating power which is 10% better than an equivalently sized conventional headlight array. The LED technology strip – a first in the scooter world – serves as a daytime running light and produces a continuous beam of light. The horizontal taillight with its two slender strips of LEDs gives the tail of the X10 a unique and original character.